Two Lights - A Hidden Gem in Maine

by Victoria Rodriquez


Maine is often overlooked when it comes to vacation destinations. Perhaps some of us reading this might not even know where it’s located exactly. Let me help you out. Maine is the “final frontier” of the east, AKA, the final northeastern state before reaching Canadian provinces like New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

Once you’ve seen Maine, though, it’s hard to forget the amazing scenery, the kind people, and most importantly, the freshly fried seafood. Perhaps one of the best ways to explore Maine is by visiting a few of the 36 state parks. Fort Williams Park may be the most iconic in the Portland area, with its famous Portland Head Light lighthouse, however, Two Lights Park offers views that are unlike any other.

Two Lights Park is one of the only locations in the Portland area where you can get beautiful views of the Atlantic, without the obstruction of other landmasses and islands. It is a hidden gem for passerby tourists that won’t disappoint.