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Top Ten: Getting to Know Havana

It can be hard to know what to do on a trip to Cuba – in a country so full of history, overflowing with personality, yet mysterious and still largely unknown, how does one even know where to start? Here, I’ve shared 10 items that absolutely need to make it onto your itinerary.

Staying Safe While Nerding Abroad: Tips from a Cop

Nerding abroad and discovering new sights, sounds, and adventures is fun, but unfortunately, touring a new place can be dangerous too. As a police officer in Washington, DC, I police areas dense with tourists who are often victims of crimes. Lucky for you I’m also a fellow world traveler, and below are a few strategies to help you protect yourself and your property while exploring.

Explosion of Senses: Pike Place Market

What started as a humble public food market has grown into a must-see tourist attraction in the heart of downtown Seattle. Pike Place Market, opened on August 17, 1907 is the oldest continuously running farmer's market in the US, and currently attracts around 10 million visitors a year. And boy, can you tell.