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The Quick and Dirty Guide to Interning in Geneva

Though many of these interns would describe their experiences as priceless, an equal number reflect on being shocked by the price tag involved in living and working in one of the most expensive cities in the world. Below, I’ve offered a variety of tips to help you get the most out of your internship and your budget. 

“Live up to the bravery you find inside you” - Solo Female Travel and Street Harassment

In today’s world, travel can be scary – even more so if you’re a solo female traveler. Be smart, be informed, be precautious, be nervous – but go anyway.

Soak it in. Bring back what you learn. Grow in ways you didn’t think you could. Demand the world acknowledge you as a full human being despite any differences you may have from the status quo. Live up to the bravery you find inside you.

That Time I Hiked to France

Lessons learned? Honestly, you can prepare as much as you want (and as a cautious, nerdy traveler I highly recommend it) but sometimes you can still literally end up in the wrong country. It may not be the hike you planned, but it can still be lovely. 

Castles...Castles Everywhere!

The weather had been conveniently clear up until now, but as I watched the steamy day slide away into dusk, fat rain droplets started falling. I let them leave their fingerprints on my journal as I stared up at Sasso in the sunset, daydreaming about what life must have been like back in the days of castles.

The Magic of Melted Cheese

In this country of considerable wealth, living in a rural area seemed to be more normal, less stigmatized than in the United States. And that was a bit jarring.  Ultimately it seems our wealth is more spread out, and more unequally distributed amongst our populace, making for those pockets and swaths of economically impoverished areas that I rarely saw in Switzerland.