Photo Essay: Street Art of Ostiense

Want to plan your own walking tour of Rome's street art? Visit this site for inspiration! 

From Roma Turismo:

“Wall of fame” by JB Rock (IT).
A mural extending over 60 metres that celebrates the famous and lesser known personalities that have marked his existence, following one after another in alphabetic order (from Alighieri Dante to Zorro).

From Roma Turismo: 

"Derek Bruno installed a mural work curated by Stefano S. Antonelli from 999Contemporary in Testaccio. A seven by four metre work, based on a pure abstract geometric style, where the artist composes using a white line and three squares, from the perspective of the relationship between the objective-subjective, questioning the truth.

The line represents reality, the objective view is on the left, and the subjective on the right, intersecting three “slices” of interaction with reality in basic colours."

From Roma Turismo:
"Mural by the Brazilian Herbert Baglione. The back background and white figures represent existence and death, order and chaos."

From Roma Truism: "

Mural completed by the Blu in February 2013.
The artwork represents cars that are chained together and a portrait of Alexis Grigoropoulos, the 15-year old Greek student that was shot on 6 December 2008 by a policeman in Exarchia, the suburb under anarchy in Athens."

While the photographs are mine, the artwork is not. I claim no ownership to the artwork in these photos. If anyone can share more information on the original artists, I will gladly update the post!