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What Happened When I Didn't Get a Fulbright

The Fulbright student program sends recent graduate, graduate students, and young professionals abroad to teach English, explore independent research, or attend graduate school. It’s generally considered one of the more competitive and prestigious awards on tap.  What’s it mean if I didn’t get it?

The Traveling Postcards Initiative

I chose this workshop for two reasons. First, I have been hearing more and more from survivors that they wish they had a way to help others not feel alone, because in their trauma that felt so deeply lonely. Secondly, I desperately needed a switch from left brain to right brain activities.

Understanding 9/11 as a Child Abroad

Do I regret any of the hostilities or confusing moments I have faced as an American abroad? They make me sad, of course, but they define my own empathy and capacity for understanding conflict. For every scrap of animosity I felt while traveling as American, I was showered with welcomes and kindness.

30 Small Things You Can Do To Cheer Up Right Now

No need to delve into the details - we all know that a lot of people are feeling discouraged, defeated, angry, and blue this week. And the truth is that a decent amount of people are feeling that way on any given day in the year. It's ok to be gentle with yourself. It's ok to take time to do something completely frivolous simply because it makes you happy. It's ok to feel upset, and it's ok to need a little help feeling better again. 

Pomp and Circumstance...and Humanity?

“That’s the problem,” he said. “At these things, everyone is so terrified of doing something stupid that they just stuff themselves up and keep quiet. We forget that they’re all just human under it all. A good leader in that kind of situation is someone who can tell a tasteful joke, who can get everyone comfortable enough to get the real work done.”

Mental Health - Why It Matters to Me

Throughout college I avoided any psychology classes because I did not want to read about myself in a book. Then, during my second semester of graduate school I felt compelled to take a class on Global Mental Health. It was challenging, both academically and personally, but it was eye-opening.


Please Stop Telling Me To "Choose Happiness"

Let me repeat: I’m not dissing positive thinking. I grew up in a household where the primary cure for any problem was two ibuprofen, a good night’s sleep, and a heavy dose of “stop wallowing.” In many daily situations, you can choose to disengage from cyclical or situational negativity and embrace a positive outlook - for example, if you stub your toe you can either break down crying or decide to keep walking.

What I’m saying is, no matter how much pep I put in my step, I can't walk very far if my stubbed toe is, in fact, broken