I started this website because I was tired of travel blogs featuring individuals that seem to have endless money, time-off, and personal stylists and photographers. I realized that a lot of the travel blogs I followed, rather than inspiring me, made me feel bad about myself - because my face isn't perpetually "Instagrammable," because my trips require a lot of working and planning to afford, because I'm just a plain awkward dork who adores traveling but is also still kind of mortified by the unfamiliarity of it. Part personal musings, part photo gallery, and part travel guide, this site is dedicated to people like me - nerds, career-workers, life-long students, introverts, and more. The only requirement here is a love for the wonder of the world. 

And what exactly gives me the credentials to write this blog? Daughter of a cop-turned-diplomat from Florida married to an adventurous Michigan native, I spent an awful lot of my childhood and teen years traveling, hitting Canada, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, Grand Cayman, Curacao, Italy, Nepal, El Salvador, and 30 of the 50 United States.

When I hit college, I finally started to realize what my crazy childhood had done to me - and even better, started to appreciate it. I dove into a degree in International Affairs and Gender Studies, followed by an MA in Global Affairs, specialization in Global Health. I studied abroad in the United Kingdom, France, the Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Cuba, and recently spent three months working for the World Health Organization in Switzerland. Now I'm earning a Master of Public Health from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and getting ready to take on the global health world.

Just what is that next step? I'm not sure, but it will definitely be nerdy.

Much love,


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Work With Me:

Britnae is a freelance writer with several years experience in creative nonprofit communications and research. With advanced degrees in Global Affairs and Health, proficiency in Spanish and French, and experience working at several different types of organizations, her products are culturally-sensitive, inclusive, and effective.

Services provided:

  • Writing, editing, proofreading

  • Research

  • Public speaking, presentations, workshops

  • Blog writing

  • Ghost writing

  • Social media tips, takeovers, and campaign design

  • Communications consultation

  • Consultation on inclusive language and programming - e.g. how to make your message more inclusive to all genders, cultures, races, and abilities.

All sponsored content should be appropriate for an audience of intellectual travelers of all ages and backgrounds.

I am happy to honestly review products and places.

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