When I was eight

two boys walked into their high school and killed twelve students one teacher and themselves

injured twenty-four

destroyed childhoods around the country.

Understanding 9/11 as a Child Abroad

Do I regret any of the hostilities or confusing moments I have faced as an American abroad? They make me sad, of course, but they define my own empathy and capacity for understanding conflict. For every scrap of animosity I felt while traveling as American, I was showered with welcomes and kindness.

A Very Durham Wedding

With literally no geographical middle-ground at which to gather our family, when we were deciding where to get married, the most logically illogical thing to do was to create our own hometown.

Visiting Cathedrale Marie-Reine-du-Monde, Montreal

Walking inside this cathedral, I immediately felt overwhelmed - in a good way. This place was massive. The hulking concrete exterior belied the soaring, airy ceiling inside. The entire cathedral was somewhat sepia-hued, due to the muted lighting of rather old chandeliers and the unique stone walls. As we entered, a service was ending, and we respectfully stood the side watching members conclude their morning worship.

The Quick and Dirty Guide to Interning in Geneva

Though many of these interns would describe their experiences as priceless, an equal number reflect on being shocked by the price tag involved in living and working in one of the most expensive cities in the world. Below, I’ve offered a variety of tips to help you get the most out of your internship and your budget.