First in Flight

I think it is safe to assume that nerds the world over never lose their spirit for the pursuit of knowledge and have some undying sense of determination. These two qualities come together at the inspirational Wright Brothers National Memorial in Kitty Hawk, NC. 

30 Small Things You Can Do To Cheer Up Right Now

No need to delve into the details - we all know that a lot of people are feeling discouraged, defeated, angry, and blue this week. And the truth is that a decent amount of people are feeling that way on any given day in the year. It's ok to be gentle with yourself. It's ok to take time to do something completely frivolous simply because it makes you happy. It's ok to feel upset, and it's ok to need a little help feeling better again. 

Staying Safe While Nerding Abroad: Tips from a Cop

Nerding abroad and discovering new sights, sounds, and adventures is fun, but unfortunately, touring a new place can be dangerous too. As a police officer in Washington, DC, I police areas dense with tourists who are often victims of crimes. Lucky for you I’m also a fellow world traveler, and below are a few strategies to help you protect yourself and your property while exploring.

Explosion of Senses: Pike Place Market

What started as a humble public food market has grown into a must-see tourist attraction in the heart of downtown Seattle. Pike Place Market, opened on August 17, 1907 is the oldest continuously running farmer's market in the US, and currently attracts around 10 million visitors a year. And boy, can you tell.

Ten Steps to a Non-Touristy Venetian Vacation

Don't take a gondola (unless you really want to shell out a couple hundred euro to sit in a tourist-mobile). Don't ask anyone if they've had the plague recently. Don't wear a masquerade mask to lunch. Don't try to hold a conversation in Italian if the only words you actually know are "spaghetti" and "ciao bella." Come on, guys.

“Live up to the bravery you find inside you” - Solo Female Travel and Street Harassment

In today’s world, travel can be scary – even more so if you’re a solo female traveler. Be smart, be informed, be precautious, be nervous – but go anyway.

Soak it in. Bring back what you learn. Grow in ways you didn’t think you could. Demand the world acknowledge you as a full human being despite any differences you may have from the status quo. Live up to the bravery you find inside you.

Misadventures in Gimmelwald, Switzerland

We stood staring for several long minutes, trying to catch our breath – a joke in the oxygen-thin air. The contrast of white and green hurt our eyes, the shock of cold air hurt our overworked lungs. We tracked the melting glacial ice from the mountaintops down into the swollen valley streams, trying to comprehend the great distance we had covered on foot.

Pomp and Circumstance...and Humanity?

“That’s the problem,” he said. “At these things, everyone is so terrified of doing something stupid that they just stuff themselves up and keep quiet. We forget that they’re all just human under it all. A good leader in that kind of situation is someone who can tell a tasteful joke, who can get everyone comfortable enough to get the real work done.”

Mental Health - Why It Matters to Me

Throughout college I avoided any psychology classes because I did not want to read about myself in a book. Then, during my second semester of graduate school I felt compelled to take a class on Global Mental Health. It was challenging, both academically and personally, but it was eye-opening.