The Traveling Postcards Initiative

I chose this workshop for two reasons. First, I have been hearing more and more from survivors that they wish they had a way to help others not feel alone, because in their trauma that felt so deeply lonely. Secondly, I desperately needed a switch from left brain to right brain activities.

Roam If You Want To: Travel Fashion Guest Post with The Outliers!

Packing. Easily the worst part of travel. You want to look good for those selfies, but comfortable for long days exploring, fashionable enough to turn heads but chill enough to fit in. What’s a girl to do? Your wardrobe is going to change a lot based on where you’re going (um, duh), but there are some staples that definitely need to make it into your suitcase.


When I was eight

two boys walked into their high school and killed twelve students one teacher and themselves

injured twenty-four

destroyed childhoods around the country.